Book & Reading Apps Every Librarian Should Know

Whether you work in a school or public library, these are all great apps to hook up kids with reading on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  Many are also available in the Android market as well.  Be sure to watch for daily specials as well as many have great daily deals that you can sign-up to receive emails about.  With all of these apps, you won’t have to look far for something to read. All apps are free unless listed otherwise. 


by Apple

This native app is at the top of Apple’s ebook world. It includes the iBookstore, where you can browse, download, and manage an extensive library of new releases and contemporary favorites. The reading experience is tops in the LCD-based e-reader market, and smooth fonts and slick page-turns make for a truly magical read.


by AMZN Mobile LLC

Are you a Kindle user? If so, get this app. It’s that simple. Even if you’re not, there are lots of freebies and it’s an easy way to acclimate yourself to the Amazon environment.


by Barnes & Noble

Are you a Nook user? If so, get this app. It’s that simple. It syncs up with other devices and has a wonderful engaging interface.  Plus, with over 2 million free books, you can’t pass it up.

Google Books

by Google

Google eBooks users have access to over 2 million titles. Take them with you on your device and read them any time you like. Because the app syncs flawlessly with any Google Books library, you can keep all of your books on hand, updated bookmarks and all.

 1 million FREE Books – Read eBooks!

by Kobo Inc.

Boarders may be dead, but Kobo lives on!   Kobo not only offers a wide variety of free and affordable ebooks, but it has an elegant and easy-to-use interface, too. Kobo will even track your reading habits, letting you compare stats with friends, set and view book recommendations, and earn awards. All major e-reader filetypes are supported.


by Goodreads

If you want to keep your massive library of Nancy Drew first editions in order, will do the trick. Whether you’re planning with your book club, sharing a novel with a friend, or browsing the latest trends, this app will keep you informed and in charge of everything you’ve read and everything you want to read. It’s like a literary wish list app and a social network had a baby.


by Audible, Inc.

If you’d rather listen than read, you’ll want an Audible account. And you’ll definitely want this app. Keep your Audible library close at hand on your iPhone, so you can absorb the sweet sounds of the written word wherever you are. You haven’t lived ’til you’ve heard Isaac Asimov read his own short stories! The app is free, but be warned that there are costs for the books.

Audiobook Player – 2300 Free Audiobooks ($.99)

by Alex Sokirynsky

Audible’s expensive. Maybe you’d rather try some free audiobooks before committing to the model. Audiobook Player has 2300 free releases, and you can browse them all by title, author, or genre. Automatic bookmarking will keep track of your place in each recording, and you can even rewind and fast-forward the texts.

OverDrive Media Console

by OverDrive, Inc.

Hopefully, everyone knows about Overdrive, but just in case….This fantastic app allows you to access your local library’s digital media collection. For free. That’s right, read the latest best-seller or check out the audiobook version, entirely for free. Borrow digital books instead of buying them.


Classics ($2.99)

by Andrew Kaz & Phill Ryu

Where would we be without the classics? From Alice in Wonderland to The Metamorphosis, this little bookshelf is filled with timeless tales and era-defining works. With realistic page-turn animations and an effective bookshelf metaphor throughout, Classics is visually pleasing and wrought with nostalgia. Dr. Livingstone, I presume?


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