Stuffed Animal Sleepover & Breakfast

Invite kids in your community to drop off a stuffed animal or doll at your library for a fun-filled Friday night sleepover!  On Saturday morning, host a light continental breakfast for kids and their families complete with a picture slideshow of their animals’ silly antics from the night before.

Materials List



-Laptop (for slideshow)

-Breakfast Foods and Beverages









-Props for animals (to create interesting pictures)

-tea party set






-blankets and pillows

-Etc. – the possibilities are endless!

-Nametags for each Animal (cardstock rectangles strung with yarn)


Day of Animal Drop-Off

  1. When the child comes to drop off his or her animal, attach a nametag to the animal, with the child’s name, telephone number, the name and gender of the animal.  Give the child a chance to hug/kiss their animal goodbye and invite him or her back to the breakfast slideshow the next morning.
  2. Enlist volunteers to help you “stage” scenes throughout your library (we do this after-hours).   You can hang stuffed animals from rotating ceiling fans, have them talk on the phone at the director’s desk, attend a story time, etc.  Be as creative as you can!  Take pictures of each scenario.
  3. Create a photo slideshow and make sure that each animal is represented!

Day of Animal Breakfast


  1. Set up food, beverages, and tableware
  2. Set up projector, screen, and laptop
  3. Have ample seating and tables for attendees – grandparents and other extended family members like to attend this event as well!
  4. Place stuffed animals on a table and assign a staff member to make sure the right animal goes home with the right child!
  5. Have fun!
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1 Response to Stuffed Animal Sleepover & Breakfast

  1. Miss Julie says:

    I’ve done this program before and everyone loves it! But we haven’t done the morning after breakfast and slide-show–that’s a great idea!

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